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This web site is devoted to providing factual information related to the design, construction, performance, and application of data and voice communications cabling. It concentrates on designs and requirements typical to the United States. The site is evolving towards a focus on SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) installations.

Color Codes: Pair Identification by Conductor Color  
NEC Flame Ratings of Communications Cables  
Categories of Cable Transmission Performance Updated 04.08.00
MHz vs Mbps Comparison for Common LAN Systems New 04.08.00
RJ Type Plug Designations & Pin-Outs New 04.8.00 (incomplete)
Comparison of Category 5 and higher Specifications Under construction
Plenum vs. PVC: Explaining the misnomer  
Residential Phone Wire Basics  
Codes & Standards Updated 04.08.00
Useful Related Links  
Pictures From a Residential Installation - Prewire  
Pictures From a Residential Installation - Termination  


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