Our Service

TINAS specializes in transporting vehicles across the nation and around the world. Whether you are moving a classic car, a custom motorcycle or a non-operating vehicle....TINAS can haul them all. Our drivers are fully insured, experienced professioLoading Carnals who are respected in the transport industry for their knowledge and skill.For ultimate protection,

TINAS focuses on transporting with enclosed auto carriers. This is the preferred way to protect yor vehicle from rain, ice, snow and flying road debris. We go to great lengths to protect your vehicle by using soft ties, instead of chains, to secure it inside the truck. For transporting non-operating vehicles, TINAS' fleet of truck is fitted with state of the art winching systems to ensure safe loading and unloading of your precious cargo. If you prefer an open carrier, we are pleased to make those arrangements for you.

When you contract with TINAS, you are working directly with the people who are responsible for moving your vehicle. You never have to worry while a broker struggles to find out where your vehicle is in route. We encourage you to stay in contact as your car is moved so you know exactly where you call is at all times. This gives you complete peace of mind.

TINAS is experienced in moving priceless vehicles for classic auto shows, auctions, and private collectors. Whatever you are can depend on TINAS to get it there quickly and safely.